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Welcome to Totoro Plush! We are thrilled to have you here and excited to share our love for all things Totoro with you. Our Totoro Plush collection is carefully curated to offer the highest quality, most adorable Totoro plushies available. From the iconic grey Totoro with his leafy umbrella, to the cute and cuddly white Chibi Totoro, we’ve got a plush for every Totoro lover out there. So, take a look around and explore our selection of Totoro Plushies.

Why you love Totoro Plush?

  • Nostalgia: For many fans of the “My Neighbor Totoro” movie, owning a Totoro Plush can evoke feelings of nostalgia and happy childhood memories. The character is often associated with a sense of innocence and wonder, making it a comforting presence for those looking to reminisce about simpler times.

  • Cute and Huggable: Totoro plush is undeniably adorable, with its round, fuzzy body and friendly face. The plushies are also soft and cuddly, making them the perfect companion for a cozy night in or a long car ride.
  • Emotional Connection: Totoro is more than just a cute character; he represents a set of values and emotions that resonate with many people. From his love of nature and the environment to his playful and curious personality, Totoro embodies a sense of wonder and joy that is hard to resist.
  • Collectibility: For some fans, collecting Totoro plush is a way to show their love for the character and the movie. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors available, there’s always a new Totoro plush to add to a growing collection.
  • Comfort: In addition to being cute and collectible, Totoro plush can also provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. Holding a soft, huggable Totoro plush can be a soothing experience, especially for those feeling anxious or stressed.

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Soft, cool toy-pillow with a blanket. On the road with you to take for the child, very convenient. I recommend to buy 100%!


Love it! Really good quality! Worth it. Very cute and soft. Really impresse with quality.


Item matches description. Stuffed fully. No zipper to add more stuffing. Very soft. Color is accurate. Shipping is fast to CA.


That’s cool. All according to the description and photos. Fast shipping and delivery. I recommend the goods and purchase from this seller


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